SunsetPark View Larger Map provides private tutoring in Math, Statistic and Physics for students from middle school to college.

I tutor in my office or thru SKYPE.


The office is located in Sunset Center, at:

10300 SW 72nd Street. Suite 460-5
Miami, FL 33173. Cell: 786-290-9100

There is ample parking, bathrooms and a Cafeteria.

SunsetPark The office is air conditioned, quiet, with very fast internet access, a large conference table, computer with all the needed software, including statistical packages, printer, scanner, photocopier and all the books we may need.

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A few reviews taken from Google

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HE IS THE BEST... Professor Serna is great with his explanations and able to take any of your questions or concerns and explain them to you in basic concepts that are easy to attain. Prof. Serna got me my A in Statistics after failing three times. I swear by him and recomend him to all who struggle with any type of math.

Prof. Serna has been key in assisting me with my PhD statistics requirement. He has the ability to explain the material in great depth but in very understandable terms. I certainly recommend his service to anyone needing and A in statistics.

THIS PROFESSOR IS AWESOME, he breaks down to simple math, makes calculus seem easy.

He is AWESOME!!! He is patient and organized. He explains everything step by step, and he makes sure you understand everything. He also writes everything on a paper so you can take home. I always do very well when he helps me. He is very knowledgeable and patient. He can make anyone learn statistics. If you need a tutor, definitely choose him.

I highly recommend Professor Serna. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and an effective tutor. He is nonjudgemental, and does not make you feel dumb when you ask him questions. He was very helpful in helping me understand Algebra and Calculus. He truely cares about your success. It is good to know that a tutor like Professor Serna is available to aid in your success!

Professor Serna was so helpful in teaching me business statistics. I am not strong with numbers so I find math and stats courses extra difficult. He gave me the confidence and knowledge to study and pass the course! Definitely recommend him!

Some student reviews taken from my Facebook page

Camila Garcia
Professor Serna is a great teacher, he helped me pass my Calculus class and I would not have been able to survive that class without his help.

Juan Bdk Pendas
I went from an F to a B in College Algebra thanks to Professor Serna. The only reason I passed was because of his help.

Patrick Fehily
Professor Serna is by far the best tutoring service ever. Not only does he make math easy to understand but he is also a genuine person who truly enjoys the challenge that the problems present.

Angelica Maria Rodriguez
THANK YOU SO MUCH PROFESSOR !!! Best tutor ever. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have passed Business Calculus. Well worth the money.

Rosi Alberti-Gimeno
Absolute Genius! I had so much trouble in statistics II until I called Prof. Serna for his tutoring. He is very patient and knowledgeable. I ended up with a B+ in a class that was a complete necessary nightmare for me. Highly recommended. Worth every penny!

Claudio Vargas & Marisol Leon
Great instructor, highly recommended. The best tutor I had so far.